Collaborate Corporation

Collaborate Corporation


Collaborate Corporation is an operator of peer-to-peer marketplaces which create opportunities for individuals to transact for mutual benefit.


Develop customer case studies to support and generate consumer and media interest in Collaborate Corporation’s DriveMyCar and MyCaravan peer-to-peer platforms.

The Work

The Work

DriveMyCar makes life easier for business owner, Arabella Dowd

“Arabella used DriveMyCar for the first time in January 2017 with game-changing results. That’s because prior to using DriveMyCar, Arabella’s seemingly straightforward business objectives proved impossible to achieve with traditional car hire companies”.

“By using DriveMyCar, Arabella saved thousands of dollars over the course of a 5-month rental period, thanks to its competitive daily rates and all-inclusive pricing. Unlike traditional car hire services, DriveMyCar doesn’t own vehicles and operates entirely online which means those savings can be passed onto customers. Renting a car is up to 62 per cent cheaper with DriveMyCar which offers one simple daily rate including collision damage cover, servicing, tyres and registration”.

How long-term car rentals are helping Rob Antulov make some extra cash

“Many vehicle owners experience fluctuations in demand for their vehicles – one of those is Sydney-based technology consultant, Rob Antulov. In 2015, Rob’s 2010 Subaru Impreza was only rolling off the drive occasionally at weekends, and with his daughter soon to reach driving age, he was reluctant to let it go”.

“Rob found his answer in DriveMyCar which offers an easy and reliable way to offset those ownership costs by making underutilised vehicles earn their keep. DriveMyCar brings together a community of over 29,000 registered renters looking to make use of privately-owned vehicles when they’re not being used – either temporarily or for the long term”.

Uber driver, Gregory Keith, knows how to earn more with DriveMyCar

“Everyone knows Uber, the “poster-child” of the sharing economy, has been a real game-changer for its users and drivers alike. For passengers, it’s cheaper and more convenient than traditional taxi services while drivers have the freedom to work as much as they want, whenever they want. Yes – it’s a win-win model. But just when you think the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, Uber driver, Gregory Keith, explains how it can”.

“And the figures are adding up nicely. Gregory has been driving the Holden Cruze for 26 weeks so far and each week he’s saved $100 compared to the next best alternative. That’s a massive $2,600 additional earnings from all his Uber jobs so far. Better still, this means he’s on track for an extra $5,200 income each year – just for choosing DriveMyCar”.

MyCaravan is giving Khaled’s Overlander a new lease of life

“Let’s face it, some of life’s luxuries can be hard to justify. Owning a caravan is one of them. While the idea of freely cruising the open road is tempting for anyone who loves the great outdoors, paying the hefty price tag for a few days away each year is a tough decision to balance. In fact, a new caravan could cost anywhere between $25,000 and $150,000. This is where MyCaravan comes in”.

“The average rental income Khaled receives per hire is around $550, while the opportunity to make the most money comes during peak holiday periods. Aside from financial gain, Khaled says “It’s great to see other people enjoy my van”.

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